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Clay Ragsdale has been a civil trial lawyer representing individuals and small businesses in lawsuits for 35 years. He started the firm in 1991 following a ten year association and partnership with a mid-sized litigation law firm in Birmingham.

Our cases are litigated in courts throughout Alabama and in federal courts in other parts of the country.  Our areas of practice include environmental and pollution claims, personal injury and death, securities fraud and class actions, fraud and contract disputes, and whistleblower claims.  We assist clients from all parts of the country in their claims in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) before the Federal Court of Claims in Washington, DC. Click here for more information

Clay Ragsdale in Birmingham, AL


We are lawyers from Alabama who represent people throughout the United States.

As to what kind of cases we handle, I have a hard time coming up with a short answer. After 35 years of "litigating" cases, I've handled, researched, tried, settled, "litigated" that is, just about every kind of lawsuit. I am reluctant to omit those hard fought battles and experience by saying I do mostly this or that type of case. And even those cases that we don't often handle, such as divorce cases, or a criminal trial, I know the lawyers who do and who will do a good job for their clients. I want my clients to call me for any type of legal matter so I can recommend a good lawyer to them.

We use our experience and knowledge of law and the court system to try to help people with their legal problems. If their problem requires negotiation or a lawsuit and our firm fits their needs, we will handle it. If we need to bring in other firms or lawyers and put together a team to effectively handle a case, we associate them. If another law firm is better suited for the task, we recommend that our client go there. Our bottom line is to give each client who calls the benefit of our 35 years of experience with helping others with their legal problems.

Clay Ragsdale

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