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Environmental and Private Property Rights

 People who live near Strip Mines like this one in central Alabama have legal rights to recover damages and prevent harm to their land and property values. 

Environmental & Protection of Private Property Rights

Landowners in every state have the legal right to be protected from excessive noise and pollution. Coal mines, quarries, gas wells, energy plants, and other large industries in Alabama often take advantage of lenient regulations to locate near communities and operate without reasonable limits. Homes are devalued by blasting, excessive noise or air pollutants. Families lose the quality of life they are entitled by law to have; their health is compromised, and their community declines. Usually, landowners must file a lawsuit to protect their rights against these abusive companies.   

Our firm assists landowners by going to court for them.  We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning our fees are paid only when we recover from the defendant.  

Strip Mines Destroys Home

Strip Mines harm neigbors with excessive noise, dangerous air and water pollution, and blasting. 

Our experience includes:

• Representing landowners in cases against water polluters of Lake Martin, Lay Lake, and various rivers and tributaries in Alabama
• Recovering damages for clients whose homes were flooded as a result of the negligence of developers and municipal governments
• Pursuing nuisance and trespass claims against hog factories (CAFOs)

• Assisting landowners and environmental groups to stop pollution
• Obtaining recoveries and injunctive relief for communities and landowners throughout Alabama for blasting damage, air pollution, and noise due to coal mines, rock quarries, and factories
• Representing communities in Jefferson and Tuscaloosa Counties for collapsed & polluted water wells caused by methane gas operators and underground coal mines

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