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Defective Products, Whistleblower, Civil Rights & Personal Injury in Birmingham, AL

At Ragsdale LLC, our attorneys believe it is our mission to represent people who are victims. Whether an auto accident, government fraud, or products that cause harm, we take cases that right the wrongs that have resulted in injury and damages to the innocent. Look to us to build a strong case when you have suffered a personal injury in Birmingham, AL.

Wrongful Death & Serious Injury

Our firm  is dedicated to protecting the rights of all people who have been the victim of an accident or injury that could have or should have been prevented. Negligence is neither a defense nor excuse when the consequences are so serious. In many of these cases, people have been hard at work when an accident occurred that resulted in death or serious injury. In other cases, mere proximity has been enough to cause loss of life or harm.

The service our injury attorneys render can never reverse these accidents or injuries, but it can address the pain, suffering, and losses experienced by the victims. In civil litigation, the remedy is to extract justice for those responsible by seeking monetary damages. 

Our accomplishments in the area of personal injury law, include the following:

  • Recovering damages for a coal miner with catastrophic burns caused by mining machinery defects.
  • Representing victims of a propane gas explosion for injuries and wrongful death.
  • Representing numerous victims of various product failures and defects including saws, automobiles, firefighting equipment, medical implants, and pharmaceuticals. 

Whistleblower Qui Tam 

Several different federal statutes encourage citizens to reveal fraud and theft that affects the federal government. For example, the Securities Exchange Commission may award a citizen who reports fraud up to 25% of any fine the SEC imposes against a person or company that violates federal law. A person may receive substantial rewards for reporting fraud by contractors or medical care providers who cheat the government under the False Claims Act.   

Our firm has handled many of these cases through the years, and if you become aware of someone cheating a federal program or falsely reporting financial information about a traded security, you should contact a lawyer knowledgeable about this area of the law before taking any other action. 

Road Defects, Automobile & Trucking Accidents

Unfortunately, the highways and byways of our great state are often the site of accidents, serious injuries, and wrongful deaths that could have been avoided. You travel these roads believing you are safe, but that is not always the case. Our injury attorneys know the victims of these accidents need skillful legal representation to take these cases to court and recover just compensation.

The injuries suffered may cause death or serious injuries, requiring extensive hospital stays and physical therapy. It may make it necessary to take a great deal of time off of work or even make it impossible to work again. The actions or inaction that have resulted have far-reaching consequences for the victims for which the responsible parties must be held accountable.

We've successfully represented many people for injuries from automobile accidents, defects in roadway construction, violation of trucking regulations, and insurance claims arising out of automobile accidents. Call us to request a consultation. 

Contact us today to discuss the particulars of your personal injury case with our capable attorneys. We proudly serve clients across the United States.