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With more than three decades of litigation experience, we have the skills and resources needed to represent you in your legal matter. Contact our law firm in Birmingham, Alabama, to discuss your situation and find out how we can help you. We represent clients from every part of the country. When your case is accepted by our firm, you have the assurance of knowing that your case will receive the direct and undivided attention of both Clay Ragsdale and Allison Riley and the benefit of their 50 collective years of courtroom experience. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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About Us

At Ragsdale LLC, we use our knowledge of the law and the court system to try to help people with their legal issues. If their problem requires negotiation or a lawsuit and our firm fits their needs, we will gladly handle it. If required, we bring in other firms or lawyers to put together a team to handle a case effectively. We are dedicated to seeing your needs met, so if another law firm is better suited for your case, we will recommend them. Our only goal is to give each client the full benefit of our 50 years of collective experience.

Our cases are litigated in state and federal courts throughout Alabama and federal courts in other parts of the country. Our areas of practice include vaccine injury claims, securities fraud and class actions, environmental and pollution claims, personal injury and death, fraud and contract disputes, and whistleblower claims. Based in Alabama, we serve clients across the country. Email or call to learn more.


How a Civil Trial Lawyer Can Help You

Civil trial lawyers (also known as litigators) primarily work on lawsuits filed in civil courts as opposed to criminal courts. Their cases often involve property and housing rights, personal injury and product liability, environmental law, wills and contracts, and other areas of the law.

When you need a professional to represent you in a private dispute with another individual or organization, you need a civil trial lawyer like ours. We will gather evidence to build a strong case on your behalf, demonstrating your side of the argument and why the other party is in the wrong. Furthermore, we take into great consideration how you want to present yourself in the proceeding. Criminal attorneys focus on punishment; we focus on getting the justice you want and preventing what happened to you from happening to other people.

Contact our firm today to start discussing your case with an experienced civil trial lawyer and get detailed information on how our team can help you. We balance compassion with fierce advocacy to maximize your chances of achieving the outcome you want.