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Environmental & Property Rights

The scores of environmental lawsuits handled by our firm share a common fact: corporations harmed their neighbors by creating excessive noise, air or water pollution, blasting and vibration, and trespass and nuisance. In every case, the nuisance and harm could have been prevented, but the corporation decided that its bottom line was more important than the rights of its neighbors.

For over three decades, we have represented citizens in civil lawsuits to stop corporations from trespassing, polluting, and causing harm to individuals and their property and require them to pay for the damages they inflict on their neighbors.

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Experienced with Environmental Litigation

We actively protect and advocate for citizen’s rights when dealing with corporations that pollute the environment. Our team has extensive experience in environmental litigation and can resolve complex matters and problems. We are highly qualified and experienced in dispute resolution and create strategies that benefit our clients. 
Ragsdale LLC has represented individuals who have suffered from negligence and nuisance caused by corporations. Our team responds from the early stages of an incident, advising and advocating for our clients. We understand the law and have many years of experience handling environmental matters by building a prestigious reputation in litigation. We efficiently manage environmental litigation and represent our clients in court, gathering and presenting information that may result in a positive outcome.

The Importance of Understanding
The Rights of Property Owners

Our courts provide protection for individuals and their property rights from harmful pollutants, noise, and other intrusions. Nuisances and trespasses cause mental distress, reduction in property values, and physical harm, and the courts are there to remedy these wrongs. 

Some of the fundamental federal environmental laws include the following:

  • Clean Air Act 
  • Clean Water Act 
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) 
  • Pollution Prevention Act 
  • Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) 

Protecting Your Property Rights

Our environmental lawyers have been representing homeowners and landowners against polluting industries for over thirty years. Industries such as coal mines, quarries, energy producers, hog farms, and timber companies have no right to unreasonably interfere with an individuals right to use and enjoy their property. The law provides remedies to prevent unlawful interference and compensate for property damage and injury to ones health and well-being. 
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